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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sometimes, I can't figure out where all the time goes. Other than the newspaper routes and the ministry, I guess I have no excuse for not keeping the page updated. (Maybe somewhere in there I need to include sleeping.) But, actually we have sooo much going on: my computer crashed in Dec. and I am having a hard time transfering everything over so that is taking time, I am getting everything together for taxes and our 990 (even though we aren't required to do one, I feel it is best to do it anyways), filing papers for our "Homeless Night Under the Bridge" event March 31st - April 1st, and planning our first ever Annual Meeting. I am so excited about the latter two. The "HNUTB" Hadyn and I have been wanting to do for the past 3 years.

Currently, we have about 20 people interested in participating in it (and some from Kingsmill and Ford's Colony!)This will give people, for one night, a true experience of being homeless. I have set the groundrules. 1) We will meet at the local bus station and walk to the by-pass bridge (a little over a mile) 2) Each person can bring only 1 item (other than medication) so I have told them to choose wisely! (cigarettes count as one a lighter as another) 3) They must eat dinner before hand because they won't be eating again until breakfast the next morn 4) They must find the places or businesses that will allow them to use the restroom (yet I will go before hand to the local 24 hr places and tell them not to allow it) 5)If they choose to bring a sleeping bag (how smart they would be), and they smoke or want a snack, they must go bum it off of somebody or do odd job to get money to buy ....Get the picture? Yes, we will have a couple of people with us for security (hired security guards) just in case. I think this will be a totally eye-opening experience. Heck, people forget the "Night in a Box" and try this. It is more of a reality! I know Capt. Shannon can brave this out, hmmmmm I wonder if people from United Way can? That's a challenge I am offering. Actually, I will donate $20 per United Way staff, director and/or I/R person who can make it through the night! And, I will go as far as to designate the donated money they earn to go to Dennis Grannan, who has a ministry for the homeless here in town.

Our first Annual Meeting will be at the Hospitality House on May 3rd from noon-3. Tickets will be $25.00 a person and that includes a very nice buffet style lunch. I am so excited!

Well I will blog more later about our campers and vehicles that are being donated to the homeless.


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