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Friday, November 25, 2005


Wow, I didn't think this years Thanksgiving would end up being so big and go so smoothly, other than the few bumps in the beginning. As you read earlier, my morning didn't start off very well when my Grand Am was stolen from our driveway at 3:00AM! And compounded with the fact I have been sick all week, I thought the day would drag on, but it didn't. Since we only had the one other vehicle, my husband ran both of our newspaper routes while I stayed home and cooked, as I waited for the police to show up for the stolen car report. By 6:00AM I was wearing down, with still a lot to do. I hadn't moved the furniture around yest to make room for the tables, I killed my can opener opening 120+ cans and still had 40 to go and nobody in my neighborhood was up that I could tell (for me to borrow a can opener.) People were calling in late for dinner and some couldn't make it, but that was fine. I just kept on cooking and cleaning.John and Becki were the first to arrive (actually Becki came early to help me and then her friend, John showed up shortly after.)Rebecca and David were the first to arrive and immediately we all went to work. My husband showed up a little later, tired from the route and went to WUMC to start picking up 200 meals that were donated. It took several vehicles, because the had more than they planned.

Finally around 1:30PM we were able to sit down for dinner (which we were running behind.) Then Wanda made it just in time to eat (she was stuck in traffic for hours.) In between eating, Becki and I would get up to distribute meals and hotel lists to those who came to drop off food to the people in the Williamsburg motels. By 3:00PM we were out of meals and had to start boxing more. We packaged up another 112 meals, which I was thrown out of my kitchen cuz I kept messing up 'the flow' (lol, I needed to just relax.) The last of the 60+ packaged meals went out to the Family Inn and Rodeway Motel and then we made large roasting pans for Joe and his friends out into the woods. Becki, David, Wanda and John distributed those. It didn't take me more than seconds to hop into my pj's and then of course Wanda had to take a picture (lol!) I was asleep by 5:09PM.

In total, 312 packaged meals were distributed along with an estimated 20 meals for the woods. I just received an email from Becki that not all the meals were given at one of the motels so she and David took them to Newport News and distributed them there. All in all it was a GREAT THANKSGIVING WITH SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR, even if now we do have to find a way to get another vehicle for our newspaper route (maybe somebody will donate an automatic to us since we can't run my routes with just one vehicle without being pentalized monitarily.)

**Now it is time to prepare for our "Adopt-a-Homeless for Christmas" program which starts this weekend. I will be posting names, ages and Christmas wishes this weekend on my website. Then Dec. 23rd we do a Christmas dinner and gifts are distributed.**


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