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Monday, November 14, 2005

The beginning started with many complications! I knew that W&M was having a football game, but typically they are early morning games. Sat. afternoon it was schedule for 1:00PM. So, we changed the meeting place to Merchant Square. Well, so many people were out shopping, that parking was not to be found. Once we were able to get in the cars and start the tour, things started to slow down and get back on schedule. I had a 2 way radio in each vehicle and narrated as we drove to each stopping point. This was great in allowing us to see different places, without stopping.

Dumpster diving was the bomb. Before I could even start talking about dumpster diving, people already had their gloves on and many were in the dumpsters! The girls kinda freaked when Geoff and Alex pulled a deer out from the dumpster. People were amazed to see how much good food came out of it. Then we stopped over on the other side of the woods to deliver a couple of sleeping bags and some Virginia Gazettes (which is how the homeless here stay connected with what is going on). The little community that is built shocked everyone. Many want to go back to take more supplies.

After visiting several other places, we made our way to our old home in Lightfoot. Most of the students on the tour did not know me when we had a place to live, but met me in the motel. I tell you one thing, the outside of the place was a mess! It was sad to see it, yet we had great memories there.

Our 2nd to last stop was under the By-Pass bridge. I think this was the most shocking because by the time we arrived, it was getting dark, so they could see what people go through who sleep in the rafters in the pitch dark with the train speeding past several times throughout the night. And then we headed toward the Tioga Motel, which is now official closed and sold. We had a small Q&A time and then we all made our way home.

I wonder how they felt, what went through their minds as they ate dinner, how they slept that night in their warm beds and if they cried while they were taking their warm shower the next morning? Only time will tell.


  • At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Cheng said…

    It seems like a great trip. The only people missing in the trip are the mayors, senators, House Reps, governors ...etc. They are the people should go thru the trip. Just like President visit Katrina impacted area 4 times and there were lots of funding and change. Other people could not do anything much even when the see it. Why not invite officials who are in power with lots of admin resources to see all this?

  • At 11:18 AM, Anonymous ICH said…

    Yes, I think ICH should be invited too ...

  • At 1:20 PM, Blogger Patti said…

    Because if we invite officials all they will do is send police and have them arrested and shipped to Newport News....they have done this in the past and that is why they change locations


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