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Thursday, October 20, 2005


This Sat. will be our first weekend and first ever of donation jars. We have Lafayette and W&M students who will be out at Ukrops collecting funds for the ministry so we can help people with motels, rent, utilities and neccessities. Our schedule is as follows, for any of you who want to make a contribution:

22nd Ukrop's and Grove Food Lion
29th Ukrop's, Ewell Station Food Lion and Williamsburg Shopping Center Food Lion
5th Merrimac Trail Food Lion and Jamestown Rd Food Lion

We have never done this and I feel kinda weird asking people for money, but it is needed if the ministry is going to be self-sufficient and keep on helping people.


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  • At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Cheng said…

    This is very normal practice, especially during Chrismas Seasons. Salvation Army done this for many year. One night, I delivered sleeping bags to Penn Station Nework NJ with my family, and while having dinner at McDonald, I saw a Salvation Army lady with a bell, and I asked her where I could find homeless people sleeping outdoors that I would like to give them a brand new sleeping bag to help them have good sleep. Surprisingly, the lady told me she is, and pointed to the 8 year old boy next to him and introduced to me he was her son. Her story was common that she could not pay the rent for months and eventually being evicted, then she move to her month's apartment and sleep at living room with her son till one day landlord found out and cited the lease told her mom only her can sleep in the apartment. She then went to Salvation Army for help, and she got the job with photo ID badge and uniform and bell to do fundraising at Penn Station for Salvation Army, making $6 an hour, the minimum wage. She and her son slept at the abandon building at night in the area. Later we gave her two sleeping bags, one for her and another for the son. They both very exciting, and I was very sure they will have very good sleep at night. With a sleeping bag, it's like camping, it is warm with good dream.

  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger TexasDude said…

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  • At 11:34 PM, Blogger Patti said…

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