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Friday, October 07, 2005


With winter and the holidays approaching, we are seeking to raise funds to provide warm housing, clothes, and food for the needy and poor in Williamsburg. With each bag of coffee that is purchased, $5.00 will be donated to our organization. What a simple and delightful way to contribute to others in need!

Imagine wowing your friends with a cup of the “World’s Finest Coffees and Coffee Blends” at your holiday festivities, knowing, even as you savor the moment, that your pleasure is helping someone in need to have a warm coat, room, or meal. What a great way to help others have “Happy Holidays!”

The flavors are on the sidebar. If you want more information about the coffee, you can go to Coffee Lovers Cafe (please don't order on webpage, because we then only get $1.00 instead of $5.00) Just email me your order and pay through PayPal. Or, we also can take orders using your credit card. Have your order form ready and call 757-566-1946 Mon. through Sat. from 9:00 AM til 5:00 PM and we will take your order over the phone. All orders will be delivered within 2 weeks by your Fundraiser Rep.

Remember, when you are having your cup of Posh “Wake Up” Coffee to start your day or relaxing at night with a cup of “Tranquility”, you’ll have a sense of peace of mind knowing you helped a person or family sleep warm that night. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those who don’t have a place to lay their heads this winter.


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