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Saturday, October 11, 2003

John (SHARPE Homeless Program) & Hadyn (Hunger Awareness Program)

Kudos to the William & Mary students who came over to share in a day of fun, work and fellowship with some of the homeless who also came to work. We started off around 10:30 with paint brushes, paint buckets and lots of energy (I say we, but I am allergic to paint, so I handled the important things such as getting cofee and pizza.) Between 10:00 til 1:00, we had about 20 people painting, moving boxes, priming walls and cleaning. The building quickly went from dark maroon to a light tan.

Knowing that we have to have all work completed before we can approach the Board of Supervisors for a re-zoning hearing, everyone gladly pitch in together for the goal of a homeless shelter.

Everyone eagerly introduced themselves to one another and headed off in different rooms. Nobody cared who was a student or who was homeless or whose kids belong to what parents, they just worked together as people...a unit who cares about the homeless.

We had several countries represented as well. Misha was excited because she is from Germany and my husband and his 2 boys speak German.

Lisa, of course had one of the more imprtant jobs: she distributed the paint to everyone, when their tray was empty.

At 1:00 and after pizza donated from Domino's, Hadyn and I ran to pick up a couple of girls who offered to paint. It was a joy to meet them, not just because they could truly paint, but because of their experience in community service. Erica started a community service program in her hometown when she was in 6th grade. Now in school, she joined a community service fraternity. She had already spent her morning working on house repairs with the housing partnership program.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to speak much with Connie, because I wanted to cook dinner for everyone for their hard work. Around 5:30 everyone cleanup and made their way to the house for a relaxing time of food and friendship.

All in all, it was a great day! Anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to meet the students of the Sharpe and Hunger programs at W&M, you are missing out! Who says the students and the homeless don't give back to our community?

Thanks and blessings to Hadyn, John, Peter, Misha, Rachael, Joseph, Robbie, Veronica, William, Erica, Connie, Leon, Lisa, Rochelle, Robert, Junior, Lamar, Ivy, Ben, Geoffrey Todd, and my husband Geoff for all their hard work and a great day!


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