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Friday, August 08, 2003


As I stated in my last blog earlier, we will leave it up to God to show us a home for us and He did. I called today about a house I was told might be going on the market shortly. The homeowner called me and gave me the specs. It is large enough (3BR 2Baths) and meets everything we would like and need. OK time to through the wrench in, I thought. I informed the gentleman our family situation. "My husband has 2 boys that we see every other weekendd, sometimes less. Then it would also be my husband and myself and...well we have a friend, Robert (who is no longer homeless and off the street and has 67 days of sobriety by his choice and God's strength) that is under our health care. He is on a heart transplant list and needs very special meals cooked and medical watch 24 hrs a day. This has become hard on his family and they are gone in the daytime, so then he is with us. Night time has become harder for everyone involved so we have decided the next place we move to, he is going to need to live with us as well.?" My heart pounded while I waited for the response. Then he said "Well, I guess the 3 bedrooms is what you will be needing. I know how hard that can be to need medical attention and you don't have to be old to require it." "Well, yes Social Services is wanting to suggest an assisted living place for Robert, but he is too young and 'healthy' for it, yet he still needs the care, watch and special food prepared. But he is only 40." We talked for some time about Robert and the potential future landlord said "Well it is about the same as having a mother in law needing to live with you, so I don't see any problem with it. He is just blessed to know somebody wants to be there for him."

OK obstacle one over with. Now for obstacle two. "I still want to be upfront with you. I work with the homeless and this is what I do. This is mine and my husband's ministry and my full time job. Even at times I do have them over for Bible Study or to do laundry or shower in the daytime. And yes, I am the one they write about in the paper...Do you think this will be a problem?" "The house is 2 stories and has an attached garage; there is a fireplace in the living room, but I need to do some repairs on the first floor before I can rent it out." Oh no he went past my question! Again I asked "do you think this would be a problem?" "No unfortunately, because somebody is still living in the house, I can't show you, but as soon as they move out on the first I will make sure you are the first on my list to show it. But, it will be ready by the time your move out date comes around."

"OK what about dogs, small dogs?" This should be easy since I am past the other obstacles. "No problem. We were going to not allow dogs this time around, but 2 small dogs should be fine. And I am sorry what you have gone through by what I have read. And sorry you have to move. I will call you by the first so the 3 of you can come see the house." Now I just continue to pray that God will see this through. We already know the neighborhood and it is very nice and even members from our church live there as well.

In the meantime, we will start packing this weekend since it typically takes us over a month to pack everything. One of the local church's youth group has volunteered to come and help (actually it was to move the donations into storage, but now they have agreed to help pack us up some.) Another church group will be coming the following week and a third the first week of Sept. A few of our friends we work with (yes the homeless) have also offered their time to help. Maybe this time around it won't take 2 28ft uhauls and 2 17ft trucks. Now since we have a truck, we can just start moving boxes and things we don't need into storage and keep only the neccessary furniture out that we need.

As I have said, God doesn't close a door without opening another!


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