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Saturday, July 19, 2003

It has been awhile since I have blogged, but things have been very hectic, once again. Jes, our foster child had 2 birthday parties this weekend, Robert thought he was having another heart attack and we took him to the hospital and I have been sick as well. We found out yesterday that Jes will be leaving us the end of the week. I have been careful to not 'get attached' knowing she was a temporary placement, but she is such a darling girl.

Geoff bought a pickup truck the other day. This does make it easier for me in regards to picking up donations. And to help the family move their stuff out of storage into their home.

Because of Robert's heart attack and hospital stay, he has to have 24 hour care. He now has 40 days of soberness, attends church several times a week, and is loving his new life. He stays with family at night and we help to maintain him during the day. Geoff will either take him with to work or Robert goes out with me. He is saddened by the fact he will never be able to have a job, but he enjoys being reunited with his kids, that he sees often. As bad as it sounds, I have been very impressed with the clearness of his mind and how intelligent he has become since he has stopped drinking. He does go out and help talk about what alcohol can do to you and the second chance at life he was given.

I had to red flag for the first time. A couple we have worked with, sadly enough, have been abusing the system. I also let the church know, who has been helping them.

I talked with Zoning yesterday to see where we stand at the moment. I was informed that the County felt there has been enough Caine raised to where Social Services is doing a study. So we have been put on hold for Eastern State. Ugh, this is concerning. A study can last a long time. And if the government handles the shelter, who is to say it will not through the people back into the same loop they have been caught in when they went for help in the first place. So now we are uniting the churches and ministries in hope to press for the shelter. Yesterday, I had 6 churches call and schedule for me to come and speak to their ministry about homelessness and what we pray to achieve. Ironically, enough, I had just stuffed envelopes of letters to the churches to be sent out.

Unfortunately, I must stop. Geoff's son just hurt his foot fishing. Bye


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