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Friday, August 08, 2003

We were notified this week, the building at ESH will not be offered as a site for a shelter. To be declined for the use of ESH's Building 27, as a homeless shelter is not a disappointment to me, nor any of our Board Members. It has at least created an awareness in Greater Williamsburg that there is a need within the regional areas and homelessness does exist. Although the churches, United Way, Salvation Army, Williamsburg's Homeless & Indigent and other members that make up the Taskforce for the Homeless have been actively reaching out to the homeless, now many in our community are more informed about the obstacles that face them each day and every night. My efforts, along with the Taskforce for the Homeless will not cease just because ESH will not be the site for a shelter. I am appreciative for Mr. Favret's consideration for the use of the building. We are researching other properties, other counties such as York County and other possibilities. For the past couple of weeks, I personally, have been working with a real estate agent for prospective properties within the 2 counties that would meet the requirements to build a shelter or motels within the area that are for sale. The activity for a potential shelter at ESH has also brought an increase of volunteers for the cause, open many doors and created a stronger force for the homeless. Together we will all continue to strive for the betterment of those whom have no place to rest their heads.


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