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Friday, August 08, 2003

So much time has passed since Suz and I have been able to blog, but so much has occurred. I have been speaking at different churches, making awareness and with government agencies of a place for a shelter. And again we have had to red flag somebody. We have never worked with this person, yet they have been telling churches and others they were working with us for help. Unfortunately, they have been abusing the sytem.

Bobert has been going out and speaking as well. It seems he has been able to reach out to another gentleman, although he is not on the street, he has an alcohol problem.

Yesterday our landlords notified us that they will not be renewing our lease come Sept. 30. Although our landlords are nice compassionate people, this is a business that they have formed as rental property agents. I don't take their decision personally, but as a business decision. The neighbors obviously put great pressure on them with their many complaining phone calls , the many calls to zoning (even though we weren't breaking any zoning laws) and even the pressure of calling Jim Kennedy on several occassions for the past few months (which Mr. Kennedy mentioned in our meeting about a shelter this past Wednesday). Whenever a neighbor would complain to zoning, a rep from zoning would contact me or come over, but they never found anything we were doing wrong under their codes.

Anytime we have had any guests over to our home, they never bothered any of our neighbors. Our friends always respected our neighbors' privacy and property. None of our efforts should have had any effect on our neighbors. It is sad that some our neighbors have complained and pointed fingers at us while others have broken county zoning codes (one or more houses were being rented out as a weekly getaways), rules/regulations (dogs roaming free throughout the neighborhood), and some even have long-term house guests. The difference between most of our neighbors and us is that they own their homes and we rent, as though that makes us less equal than they. This is not to impune everyone here: the two with whom we attend church have been openly supportive the whole time, and there are others who were, at the very least, silent, choosing not to participate in the constant barrage against us.

We have been prepared for this to come at the end of our lease, however. A couple of weeks ago, we started working with a real estate agent to look for a place to move in October. Even though we like the house we live in, it is much smaller than the standards to which we are accustomed, and can not accomodate our personal belongings and furniture, due to it's size. This is another reason we found it humorous when zoning was sent to check our house and barn: A neighbor had complained that we might be housing people in our barn out back, but as full as it is with our extra furniture that would be impossible, not to mention that our attic is also overflowing with our extra pieces and boxes.

But are we upset, or do we feel nervous or regret any of this? No. We do not regret any of the times we have helped somebody have a hot meal, a bed to sleep in or a place for fellowship and rest. We don't feel the need to be concerned that we may not find another home because God never closes one door without opening another. So for now, we leave it to God to provide, as He always does.


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