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Monday, August 18, 2003

As I was packing up some knick knacks, odds/ends and breakables I became frustrated with the thoughts "Ugh, here we go again." Then just as the thought bounced within my mind, I snapped back to scold myself for it. Not only should I appreciate what I have, but remember there are many on the streets that would want to be in my shoes. Want to be frustrated of packing their belongings in order to move to another home. Want to be frustrated with an over supply of objects. Want to be frustrated with a move again. Anything but on the street or in a weekly motel.

Although I am looking forward to the move, I am not looking forward to the packing. Luckily, most of our stuff is already packed and in the attic. Since we had to scale 'way down' from what we are use to, we were not able to unpack over half of our belongings. As far as I know, we have found a few places to rent. People have been gracious to call and offer their properties that were going on the rental market after the story ran that we were going to be 'houseless.' One person even made the offer with no deposit! We just now need to get out and see the homes.


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