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Friday, July 11, 2003

Thanks Suz for blogging while Geoff and I were out of town! We left Tuesday to head down to SC and took a couple of 'homeless' guests and our foster child with us for a mini vacation and to fellowship with Mom and Dad. Although we arrived late, Mom and Dad had pallettes set up in the living rooms. Wednesday while Geoff and I were handling family court issues, Mom and Dad introduced themselves and spent time with all. Robert went with Dad to do some light work and our foster child, Jes spent time with Mom making cookies. Later that night we went to our favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner (even though today is actually my birthday.) After 2 hours of eating, we went home for games.

Praise God, the next morning, I found out my best friend, Cat who was in Iraq, was back in the States and staying for the night a few miles from us. Geoff and I rushed over to spend an hour with her, but sad to hear she came back, due to a tumor on her pituitary gland. But, nonetheless, she is back from the war!!! God is Amazing, since we had just had our church pray Sunday for her safe return in a YEAR!

After lunch, we all headed out for some sightseeing. We took them by OUR Salvation Army in SC. Wow, they were amazed! You see, our SA in SC where we moved from is like a small campus. We have a medium size chapel, a large warehouse for all their supplies, a women's shelter that holds about 40+ people, a men's shelter the same size, a large dining hall and 6 transitional houses for families. Then we went by to the Greenville Rescue Mission that holds about 200 people. Then we drove down around the county supplied housing district, where the city built several affordable houses for the homeless and low income families.

After my birthday dinner, I will upload the pictures of the different places we visited.


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