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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Another response to the Last Word:

If people were to follow the "illogic" of the "bigotry" exhibited in the "last word" of June 16 concerning an increase in crime if there is a shelter for the homeless on the campus of ESH, would we not also have to conclude the following?

The tourism industry attracts people with money: people with money attract pickpockets/gypsies: therefore, should we not do away with tourism in order to keep the crime-rate lower?

Serving alcohol at restaurants attracts drinkers: drinkers often drive drunk: should we not ban the serving of alcohol in Williamsburg?

Colleges attract young people: young people often experiment with drugs: should we not ban colleges in Williamsburg?

Older people drive cars: older peoples' driving often creates traffic problems or accidents: should we not bar older people from driving in Williamsburg?

People in ESH have emotional/mental problems: when the patients are released they often have relapses and do "crazy things": should we not oust ESH from Williamsburg?

If these things seem extreme to you, then I beg you to go back and rethink your opinion concerning establishing a "shelter" for the homeless at ESH. None of the things listed above are any less ridiculous than your bigoted opinion as expressed on June 16.

Any person who has investments in the market knows that it only takes a slight down-turn to radically effect your financial well-being. Any company executive knows that he/she could be "Pink-slipped" at the drop of a hat. Should these people find themselves in need of assistance, would they automatically become pan-handlers, or thieves, or drug dealers? I say not! So, why should we be afraid of those who are currently homeless? Must we assume that the currently homeless are criminals, or somehow "less" than we are? I say not! These humans were no less "created equal" than any of the rest of us. The only difference between "them" and "us" is that we have our own roofs under which to sleep. The only difference between those who are helping the "roof-less" and those who are objecting to helping them is that the helpers have laid aside any bigotry, fear, or prejudice they may have had and have decided to "do something about it" instead of just yammering vacuously from behind their newspapers.


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