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Sunday, July 06, 2003

4th of July

Our cookout was much fun! Although the turnout wasn't as many as we thought, Geoff and I was thrilled to see Robert! We were able to meet his children (it has been 4 years since he has spent a whole day with them) and his sister, where Robert now resides. We had basically a turnout of 30 roughly. We enjoyed swimming, the kids challenging the adults to 'vollyball' and kareoke. It was a day of fun, food and fellowship. We finished up around 8:30 and by 10:00 the last person was driven home.

But, what Geoff and I experienced afterwards demonstrated the dangers of people who are homeless and others in society. The fireworks display done by our neighbor was nice. He was also having a party. Around 11:30, their party was just starting to kick. He had easily over 100 people. Cars were everywhere. By 1:30, we couldn't take the loudness any longer. I had already gone outside and asked them to quiet down some. Unfortunately, this area doesn't have a noise ordinence. I noticed cars all parked in front of our house (technically on the easement,) but still within our property. Geoff and I approached one of the cars to ask them to move somewhat off of our property (other cars were still trying to squeeze inbetween others and our mailbox.) We noticed 2 girls, who were guests of our neighbor's party, smoking a joint in their car! We asked them to move and they became defensive. By that time, our neighbor came over and I discussed with them the fact their party was way too loud at this hour and how somebody from his party was smoking pot on our property (the easement.) How this was disrespectful and even moreso than us having anyone who is homeless over.

So, now I ask you, who disrespects this neighborhood more? Us, for having people over, who work hard, yet can't get a home? Or somebody who works and off time does drugs on others' property? Who has brought danger into the neighborhood? When our guest come over, they don't do drugs or drink alcohol and respect others' property. I would fear damage to our property by one of our neighbor's guest than any of the homeless we are friends with!


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