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Thursday, July 15, 2004


As you have noticed, I haven't posted in several days. This is due to the storm that was nicknamed "the little Isabel" that came through last Wednesday. I was on my way to Grove Christian Outreach and had to detour because of a wreck. The next thing I knew, I was in Norfolk! Wow was I lost. I called Joyce at United Way to try and get back to Grove. As soon as I hung up, one of the guys called me to see where I was because of the news reports on TV about the severe storm coming in. Here in Williamsburg, the sky was black. Then, as I was talking, the rain came crashing down. Traffic was backed up on I64 as hail came down next. I immediately called United Way to let them know how bad the storm was going to be and then called a couple of the churches, since they don't typically listen to the radio or news either while working. Then I started thinking about the people who walk or ride their bikes to "A Gift From Ben." They would be caught in this storm also. I called Thumper to let him know I would be coming in so if anyone needed a ride, I could take them. Once I arrived, only a few took the offer, but it was better than carrying groceries in the storm. Earlier that day I had gone by to drop off some corn for Thumper's clients. A lady saw a large print Bible in my car and asked if I had an extra one. Then another lady asked for one also. I told them I had a few at home and after I went to the bank, I would swing by and pick them up. I knew I didn't have many, but packed up the 10 I did have and headed back to the food pantry. In less than 2 minutes, the Bibles were gone!

By the time I came home, the lights had come back on, but the TV, cable modem and telephones were out. I had tried to call the digital company, but lines were busy. A few hours later the TV was back, but still no phone or modem. Monday I finally had our phones back and yesterday the modem. The cable company told me it was a major lightning strike to the outside boxes on our property and it took out my cable modem and network card. When they replaced the boxes, they were black inside. So now I have to play catch up on blogging and our fishing trip (for my birthday) this past weekend.


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