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Sunday, July 04, 2004


Yesterday was a blessing day for our celebration! It was suppose to rain, but when I checked the weather early yesterday morn, it had been postponed to today and we were to have a warm (88F)clear day! Praise God! I ended up getting a little behind schedule, but when 1:00 rolled around, we were ready, for the most part. The guys were a great help in getting tables set up and chairs out. People didn't show until 2:00, but it was great timing. Tina brought her kids and niece to come for the celebration, Devon's birthday and to meet their soon to be puppy, Chrissy. They had a blast playing and loving on her. I know this is a good family for her. Then it was time for the pool so we could get Devon away and prepare his birthday gifts. Geoff decided to get in and be a kid for awhile with the other 'rugrats'.
Birthday Dunkings

Jon and Ricky helped me get Devon's scooter over to the deck and the rest followed, so we could sing happy birthday.
Devon with his scooter from Geoff and me

Although you can't see it in the picture, Devon is holding up a gold cross necklace that Tina and her family gave him (he was so proud, he wore it to church today)

Devon with his first teen Bible from Geoff and me (he took it with him to church and showed it off throughout)

Devon and a photo album from one of our homeless lady friends (now he can put his pictures of Christina, his puppy, in it)

Then it was off to play horseshoes. Ricky beat me pretty badly. But, I still say these horse shoes weigh more than any other I have played with before (ya just need an excuse.) While we were playing, Pastor Bill stopped by to wish the birthday boy a great 12th and give him a gift. Devon was so busy playing in the pool, it wasn't a long visit. I chatted with Pastor for some time about how great Keith, Devon's father, was doing and he told me the church was very proud of his hard efforts. (No Devon is not our child, which most people think that when they see him.)

Around 4:30 we started to eat. We tried to wait a little longer because we had 10 more people coming, but of course hungry people aren't always the most patient! We had a feast: hot dogs, hamburgers, pineaplle salsa, chips cukes, pasta salad, incredible potato salad (that Ron, another 'friend' of ours made) and tons of crabs! Throughout dinner, people still played horse shoes (yeah Mike beat Ricky twice) and we did kareoke (mostly Goff until later that evening.) It was great having many others join in on the kareoke, so I didn't feel so bad singing along as well. Actually I probably monopolized it, but it was a blast! I was impressed with Steve and his willingness to get up for several songs! I think all in all, people had a good time, especially since Jon and Ricky stuck around for almost the entire afternoon and evening. I was shocked when I caught Ricky singing along on some of the songs...haha "you won't catch me singing!"

It was about 11:30 when we wrapped it all up and totally worth the effort of everyone. It was such a blessing to relax, see the guys having fun, great company, great food and honor those who gave us our freedom.


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