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Friday, July 02, 2004

My Birthday Plans for July 11th (37 long years old)

Geoff and I found out about a place in Hampton that takes you out for fishing. I haven't been fishing on a boat in many many years so I am really excited about the trip, (that was one of the great things about SC is because you were only a couple of hours away from Charleston and great sea fishing!) When we made the reservations, we also asked them about a discount for another trip. Some of the people we work with also enjoy fishing, but the prices to go out into the bay or ocean are too high for them to justify. Even though the trip we are going on is only $20 a person, that is $20 they could use for food (homeless people do have priorities.)But, I have found I feel bad about doing something they can't. Technically we have 16 people who would like to go, but that would be $320 and I can't afford that.

The Captain's assistant said he would talk to us when we come down for my birthday trip to see what maybe he could do. I just pray he would donate the fees so the guys could have a nice day of fun, sea and fishing.


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