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"Assisting people in re-gaining hope and a better way of life."

Saturday, January 10, 2004

More Updates...

We are in the process of starting a newsletter for the homeless in Williamsburg and people who are wanting to volunteer. This way, those who want to help, will know how or what they can do and those who need the help will know what services we provide.

Baby Demetrius arrived this week into our world, although he was a couple of weeks late. Mommy and Daddy are doing well and very happy but are looking for a small home to rent instead of living in the motel. They haven't been homeless long (and this is the first they have been in this position) but pray they can find somewhere soon. They have applied for Section 8, but were told it would be at least late this year/early next year before something would be available.

In February, we are going to be reading "Purpose Driven Life". Anyone who might have extra copies of the book and would like to donate, please call. We are in need of 15 copies.


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