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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Other Updates

As our community is starting to see the beginning of the cold weather set in, my husband and I have had an increase of clients in need to get out of the woods and into a place of warmth. Since yesterday, we have had 4 more men, who for a variety of reasons, need a place to stay. Some have been through referral of United Way, HomeBase, Salvation Army and others from local churches.

As we all know that God provides always in time, we are leaving our prayers of need in His hand through His flock of Christians. God now has brought 15 dinner guest, 10 lunch guest, 15 friends we help to provide warm clothing and find warm places for them to stay. We do go to the local food ministries for help as well, but we have found we are starting to fall short on meat and canned goods (as a matter of fact, we will be out by the end of this weekend.)

But as we find friends who are willing to house somebody in their home for warmth, we have been short on beds and cots we can let them use during their stay. So if you live in the Williamsburg area and have extra cots or twin beds and/or extra food you would like to donate, please call me.


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