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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


“I recently attended a meeting at James City Social Services concerning the Williamsburg Homeless & Indigent. I was upset to learn that Eastern State denied the use of Building 27 for the proposed shelter. If the shelter is not at Eastern State, it will be somewhere. When Christians come together for the good of people everywhere, it will work. I feel sorry for the people who will not be helped by social services because of no ID or address.”

“As a maintenance employee at Eastern State Hospital, I know the water has been cut off in Building 27 for years. Why hasn't director John Favret or John Joyce told the McKenzies about this? That building is not fit for anyone to occupy.”

"It is a disgrace for John Favret, director of Eastern State, to say that Building 27 would be a risk to the patients if it were to be used as a site for the homeless. The building has been closed for many years, and a shelter is needed in the community. Some folks who live here don't even make $10,000 a year. There are so many struggling, including those on disability, who only receive $500-700 a month to make ends meat. Thank God for A Gift From Ben (a church ministry that gives out food 3 times a week), where you can go for help. Building 27 is far away from the patients at ESH, it is big and seems secure. Doesn't Greater Williamsburg have any compassion?"

"I have followed the sad story about the homeless in Williamsburg and the outcome of the recent efforts by Geoff and Patti McKenzie. Perhaps Realtors could help with either providing land or older property for those less fortunate. Surely in a town like Williamsburg, there must be a compassionate, good-hearted person who would like to help with this problem. I often read about million-dollar donations being made to the College of William and Mary, yet I find it hard to believe that no one has stepped forward to help with the homeless problem. If I had it, I would give it."

This one was in the Gazette, but edited alot. The person also sent me a copy as well. Here is the original...
"To all that are concerned-
I wanted to clarify about the meeting last week with social services, Mr. Kennedy, Patti McKenzie and the homeless. I was one of the homeless that sat in on the meeting and Patti did not refuse to say where funding would come from for the use of a shelter and her program. Far from the truth. She did say where she would gather funds from, but Mr. Kennedy did not like her answer. Also, she pointed out that until a place is cited for a shelter, "how can you set a budget unless you want several different proposals?"
I have lived here most of my life and have seen others try to get a shlter. How much more effort is needed; how much more of a study is there to do; how much more needs to be said before the officials will allow a shelter.
In last weeks paper a person said there should be a program to help keep people from being homeless; there is! It is called HIP (Homeless Intervention Program.) Yet, you say that those who are homeless don't need help and if help is to be provided, it shouldn't be through the program Patti wants to do? Then who? Who should do it? Social Services that keeps us where we are? Zoning that sends the majority of jobs and income to York County? Or Jim Kennedy that stated in the meeting that "In 1980-81 I was homeless by choice." A person who was homeless by choice, that you continue to elect as Supervisor, though he forgets where he was at that time. He even said "I pulled myself up from my boot straps", so does that mean nobody helped him or he won't recognize anyone who helped him. I guarentee you somebody had to help, even if it was only God!


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