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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

We are almost finished in our move. We still have a couple of more loads (mostly donated items for future use to anyone who needs some neccessities.) I called to have our phone lines, internet service and cable transfered, but unfortunately I found out it will be the 25th before we will be up and running again. But, never fail, God provides the help needed! So I will be doing tapes dictated for the blog as others log for me.

Things are getting stirred up here as we approach the Taskforce for the Homeless (which I sit on their board) to host a meeting with the Salvation Army, United Way, government officials, churches, social services for this Friday. This will be an incredible move forward. I will have notes from the meeting to be posted with any updates that come from the 'meeting of the minds'.

Yesterday 2 incredible ministers came to our new home and cut our grass for us. It took almost 5 hours on tractors to get through the high brush of 2.63 acres! One of the gentlemen has a church across the water and said he came to cut grass so he could meet me. When he read our story in the beginning, he said "She will need help, I have to contact her." Then shortly afterwards, our current landlord was doing some work at his church. Isn't God amazing how he puts everyone together at the right place and right time?! But, Brother Otis has a huge heart and compassion for those who need help (he even came to our rescue with our overwhelming yard that needed to be cut.) Another church has volunteered for next month. W&M college's Hunger and SHARPE program is back in session. One of our reps is also in charge of the Hunger program at the college, (which I am thrilled she is back.) We will hopefully be joining forces once we get the shelter up and going. We figure our biggest expense with the new shelter will be the food, since we will provide 3 meals a day. Churches have been coming together, behind us, to help with the monies for this expense, but it is getting closer that we need to start fundraising. Some churches are going to take up 'love collections' to help with this as well on a monthly basis.

Since last week, we have had 4 new churches come on board and several 'homeless' starting to speak out. One guy (who offered so much help in our move) asked me why haven't we had a rally? Well, that is in the making, but God's time is different than ours. Also, in the beginning, many of the homeless feared standing up and speaking out. When I told the gentleman our reasons for waiting, he said "you get the rally together, I will stand behind you! And I will get others as well." My feet are itching for a march, but timing is up to God.

Well, I must get back to packing and moving. Our landlords are showing the place tomorrow and I would like to have the place in it's best condition for them. I would hate to see them with any down time and no renters. They don't deserve this and everyone deserves a home. Will try to post more, if the cable is still on tonight.

Peace be with you and may God's hand guide you in each day!


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