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Friday, November 24, 2006

For the 4th year in a row, Williamsburgs Homeless & Indigent was privileged to organize the distirbution of Thanksgiving meals on Thursday. Eight Hundred and Forty Seven (847) meals were distributed. Amongst the many people/places receiving meals included: the long-term residents of local motels and campgrounds, Burnt Oridinary, Lafayette Square and Villages, Cambridge Apartments, Heritage Mobile Home Park, and the Blayton Building, et al.
Nearly one hundred volunteers gathered, from as far as Richmond and Virginia Beach, at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Chruch, which was kind enough to host the event, in Toano to help assemble dinners. Students from W&M and ODU (whose families live too far away for them to have gone home) also joined in. Special thanks to Sarah and Allison who stayed up all night to help Patti prep and cook.
The menu included the standards (turkey, dressing, and sweet potato casserole), but extended as far as Patti's exotic citrus and mango-pineapple stuffings, fresh-smoked turkey, and even 60 dozen deviled eggs! A veritable Thanksgiving feast.
So what's next for Williamsburgs Homeless & Indigent? While most people were out shopping the Friday sales, Patti was working diligently on the ministry's Christmas program, "The Giving Tree" (formerely "Adopt-A-Homeless" for Christmas.) Already 40 people have signed up and Santa's list is growing.
Also deserving special mention for their participation with Thanksgiving are:
Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church & Members (our hosts); Williamsburg United Methodist Church; Alice Carter; Sarah; Allison Sulock; Gloria Fleming; George & Dora Martin; the Schulte Family; Judy Fulks; Luke Henry; Mark, Stephanie, & Alex Smith; Bobby Medlin; Betty Brantley; Jim & Ann Moore; Sammy & Betty Smith; Scott Percic; Sadira Daher; Connie & Evelyn Jessie; Esther Knox; the Mitchell Family; Anastasia Abid; Danny & Daniel Kean; Alpha Omega Sports & Family; Dan & Sharon Steward; Aaron Fuller; Joel Gleiser; Bradley & Lincoln Dunn; Dave, Ben & Pam Lehman; the Kimminau Family; Ammon Young; Susan Sny; Yolonda Kelly; Nell Wingfield; Bo Wingate; Liz Dye; Janice Grant; Tom Welton; Matt & Liz Peak; Suzanne Lever; Becky Baker; Aimee Lee; Lisa Pitts; Carabba's Restaurant; Heart's Ease Farms; Circle K; Food Not Bombs; HATForce; Wesley Campus Ministry; Catholic Campus Ministry; and Dusi's.

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