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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well, today is Jenna's birthday. Last year Jenna and her family were still living in the motel during her birthday. Knowing she likes seafood, I treated her to Red Lobster (which is my favorite restaurant so it was a great reason to endulge in lobster!) Actually, that was very convenient the fact that Red Lobster was across the street from the Captain John Smith Inn (where we all were living through the winter and summer.) Shortly afterwards, Jenna's family were able to move into a mobile home and now they currently are buying their mobile home through owner financing! This year, we are having a birthday party for her at our house Friday night. What started out as just her and her husband, has now grown to about 11 of us. They couldn't get a babysitter for the night so Zack and Catherine are coming along (which is cool since they are great little ones.) Then I had the idea to invite our neighbors who are also Jenna and Brian's age and they have a lot in common. Well, they have a daughter Zack's age so she is joining. Boston Mike from the Lightfoot property is coming as well. He now lives in a mobile home just a few miles from us. But, then since Carol and Greg's mother is in from Texas, I felt bad to not include her. I know if I don't keep my mouth shut, I will be adding more (which is too late since I left a message on Hadyn's voicemail for her and Dennis to join us.)

But, I am soooo excited. I always love birthday parties, especially if it is for somebody who is homeless or recovering homeless. But, when we were at Lightfoot, I would find a special day to do a huge seafood dinner (such as when I did it for Father's Day.) SO THIS IS IT! It's seafood celebration. Oh how I love seafood. I am doing fish sticks for the young 'uns with salad, fries and baked beans. For us adults, we are having steamed lobster, home-made she crab soup (which I must say I make an incredible soup), home-made crab cakes, deviled crab, shrimp scampi, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus and spring salad. Wow, what a feast, I am hungry already.

I am just lucky that her birthday fell into this week because it will take my whole redelivery paycheck to pay for everything since my trust money isn't in yet. Well, gotta jump and get some sleep for my newspaper routes (having 2 routes is hard).


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