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Friday, July 23, 2004

Prayers for Angel  

   Angel 2 Weeks Old

 Angel 6 Weeks Old

 Angel and Chrissy

For those who have been wondering why I haven't blogged lately, my time has been consumed with Angel. Angel was the runt of Dida's litter, and the puppy I was planning on keeping. This past Sat., she started to have seizures. Sunday a few more. Then Monday around 2:00 am it became worse. Finally at 7:00 am I rushed here to my vet. She had to stay the day and night with Dr. Everret. Tuesday night I picked her up and once again a night long of seizures. The vet put her on valium and phenobarbitol.
Wednesday she had 18 more seizures, but by God's grace, she only had 3 yesterday. We still don't know what is causing them because it isn't acting like epilepsy. Today I take her back for more blood work. Thus far she hasn't had a seizure.
Wednesday it seemed like I had to prepare for the decision nobody likes to make! But, I kept praying for her to have a chance to fight it before thinking of having her euthanized. So far, prayers are being answered. She no longer knows her name but in time could relearn it. With very little sleep, since I must stay awake for Angel, I haven't had much time for anything else. (And of course those who don't get much sleep also have their own moments such as I wanted to sue Disney for their movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven". OK strange I know, but in a moment of no sleep and tears I called Pastors who said "Unfortunately no, dogs don't have souls and Jesus died for man, not animals.")
Please pray for Angel's continued recovery!


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